Passenger boats 

BORD A BORD builds aluminium passenger boats for maritime or fluvial navigation, equiped with either combustion or electric engines. We study, support and answer all specific projects.

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  • An excursion boat for 12 passengers +2 for fluvial use.

  • This boat is designed and built for maritime or river navigation and commercial use.

  • This boat is available is 3 versions: OPEN - WHEELHOUSE or CABIN. It is entirely adjustable according to your specifications. It exists for river or maritime navigation.

  • BORD A BORD builds river or maritime transportation catamarans customized to meet your specifications or on the basis of existing units. These catamarans can be combustion, electric or solar powered.

  • The light upgradeable V-hull minimizes the resistance to the move to offer to the boat strong speed performance. The longitudinal hull steps also contribute to a better lift while also improving the marine behavior (especially steep turns) The transversal stability is appreciated. The hull is equiped with a Delta fender offering a real protection for...

  • A recreational and self-service means of crossing rivers.

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items

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